IT News & Updates 2-5-2020

It’s been a while since I’ve sent out a general update on TFREC IT. The good news is that there haven’t been any major issues. But there are a few things to mention. TFREC public website – If you haven’t visited our Center’s website recently, you should check it out. I have started posting special […]

Browser tips

Many of the problems people run into browsing the internet can be solved by clearing your cache (browser history) frequently. Here are tips from the Crimson Service Desk regarding browser use. “WSU only recommends using Chrome or FireFox. They also recommend clearing your cache once a week. It is not uncommon for browsers to be […]

IT News & Updates 9/9/19

Today’s IT news blast covers a lot of stuff:   Ricoh printer: The most obvious thing going on with TFREC IT is the new Ricoh printer and getting connected. I hope all of you who want to use that printer are now connected. If you are still having issues, please review this page for instructions: […]

IT News & Updates 7-3-19

Upon returning from vacation, I found that lots happened in the world of IT. here’s what I’m covering in this installment of the IT News & Updates: First, there’s news on Zoom training and replacement of the old Polycom software. Next, is a solution to the international visitor internet connectivity problem. I end this with […]

IT News & Updates 5/3/19

Not a lot of news but a few updates this week: Okta project: (copied from the campus e-newsletter) Information Technology Services continues to encourage the WSU community to activate their Okta accounts before the final shift to the new cloud authentication solution on May 13. From that date, applications such as myWSU, Blackboard, Notices, and more will […]

IT News & Updates 4/26/19

Just a couple of items this week. First, With the field season upon us, don’t forget to enter your field sprays into the online Re-entry App. If you haven’t asked to be added as an applicator to the add, please contact me. The App isn’t very mobile friendly. So, if you may want to enter […]

IT News & Updates 3-15-19

This week we had a visit from the CAHNRS IT team. Their primary mission was to install wireless access points (APs) throughout Overley and couple additional locations on our campus. They also decommissioned the old file share server, helped on a couple of support ticket items, and demonstrated how to connect to a Zoom meeting […]

IT News & Updates June 22

News Good news: Nick Pappin and Michael Stoddard are scheduled to come out here the week of July 9th to work on various IT projects. These projects should include: Getting the network reconfiguration closer to being fully integrated with the larger WSU Network (might be able to complete). Note: there will be some network disruptions. […]

IT News & Updates 1/25/18

The only thing of note this week was Darla getting our TFREC email lists up and running. You should have received an email from “tfrec-l” this morning with the addresses for all of our new lists. (Note the correction to the faculty-admin list in the follow-up email.) If you know someone who did not get the email, […]