WSU Vehicle Use Policies

Vehicle Use

  • Persons driving WSU motor vehicles must be employees of the university or associated with the university by courtesy appointment, contract, or another type of agreement.
  • All persons driving WSU motor vehicles must have a valid motor vehicle operator’s license and at least two years f driving experience.
  • Minor employees (those under the age of 18) are not allowed to drive a WSU vehicle.
  • WSU vehicles shall be used for official university business only, regardless of the source of support funds. Use of state-owned vehicles for personal business is absolutely prohibited.
  • Employees driving state vehicles should be doubly cautious to avoid incidents which would attract adverse public attention. Traffic and speed laws should be followed strictly. Defensive driving should be practiced.
  • Seat belts are required for the driver and all passengers.
  • Drivers must comply with all traffic laws and obey posted speed limits, including:
    • TFREC = 10 mph
    • Columbia View (Longview Rd.) = 20 mph
    • Sunrise orchard = 20 mph
  • The use of cell phones while driving is STRONGLY discouraged:
    • Must be hands-free
    • Absolutely no texting
  • For the full list of driver responsibilities see SPPM 7.10.19-20.

Vehicle Items

  • All TFREC vehicles are required to carry the following items:
  • In addition, all vehicles used for field use must carry:
    • Clean water and/or eyewash
    • Soap and single-use towels
    • One clean pair of coveralls per field crew

In Case of Accident

  • Obtain medical treatment for anyone injured
  • Call law enforcement
  • Obtain the following information:
    • Name, address, and telephone of involved parties, including witnesses
    • Vehicle descriptions and license plates
    • Insurance company name and address
  • Notify your supervisor as soon as possible
  • Follow the accident guide found in the glove box of the vehicle, which includes WSU insurance information, or see SPPM 7.20 (pdf)
  • Fill out a State of Washington Vehicle Accident Report (SF-137) (pdf)
  • For a complete list of emergency and post-accident guidelines, see SPPM 7.10.21 (pdf)

For more information, the complete “Requirements for Driving Vehicles for University Use” are located in SPPM 7-10.

Please complete the Facilities, Security and Vehicle Use Quiz (pdf) before continuing to the next training section.

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