Travel Rules, Regulations, and Other Resources

(contact: Megan Welker,, x8801 or Darla Ewald,, x8802)

Travel Procedures (pdf)

Travel Process in Workday flow chart (pdf)

Before Travel:

Create Spend Authorization in Workday for any travel outside of Washington State. View instructions from Workday on how to create a Spend Authorization . A Spend Authorization must be approved at least 7 days prior to your trip.  For a video tutorial, please see the TEAMS page. If you are traveling internationally, your trip must be approved by the Dean..

During Travel:

Collect and retain receipts during your trip that you would like to be reimbursed for.  You do not need to keep meal receipts.

After Travel:

Create an Expense Report in Workday from your approved Spend Authorization. 

  • Instructions for how to create an Expense Report. You can add unexpected expenses that occurred to your Expense Report that may not have been on your Spend Authorization.  You must create an Expense Report within 60 days of coming back from your trip to avoid taxes being taken out of your reimbursement. You must include your conference agenda to show what meals were provided at the conference.
  • Review these tips before you begin your Expense Report and explanation of common errors. 
  • Review the Cheat List for Expense Report line items. For a video tutorial, please see the TEAMS page
  • Spend Authorization submission deadline change – 60 day (BPPM 95.20 under “Deadlines”)

To set up Travel Direct Deposit review these instructions (pdf).

11-hour travel rule:

Employees who are in travel status for fewer than 11 hours in a single-day trip will not receive reimbursement for meals.  Reimbursements for employees traveling over 11 hours are subject to tax.  Employees will begin to see these taxes applied to their travel reimbursements beginning July 1, 2022.

Tips and Tricks:

WSU has a contract with Enterprise Rental Car.  If you plan on renting a car, please contact the Office Assistant for the WSU contract number.  When you return from your trip, please send her the final invoice for your rental car so it can be forwarded appropriately.

Your flight can be purchased with the CTA card.  Please contact the Office Assistant for the card.  You will need to forward the flight invoice to her for verification.  She will then attach the flight cost to your Expense Report to be added when you return from your trip.

Conference Registrations can be purchased with a Purchasing Card, but only after your Spend Authorization has been approved.  The Office Assistant will ask for your Spend Authorization on any conference registration transactions that come across on your Purchasing Card.

Travel Advances are only allowed if the period of travel is more than 15 days in travel status.  Travel Advances allow a traveler to receive cash to use to defray reimbursable lodging and meal expenses while performing official duties.

Students that are on a paid position can request an exemption for a travel advance.  See Office Specialist for details.

CAHNRS Business Center Open House

  • Weekly Q&A re travel
  • Every Wednesday Morning from 10:00am to 11:00am
  • Meeting ID: 956 6297 3481
  • Passcode: 142745

WA DOT Pass Reports

Information about PER DIEM rates (pdf)

  • For Out-of-State per diem rates, refer to the “per diem look-up” on the GSA website.
  • As of 1.15.19, Reimbursement for meals is at the meal rate in effect at the time of travel for the location.  Location for overnight trips is based on where the traveler sleeps.

WSU does not pay for any travelers insurance, cancellation plans or any other extras above the fee for the flight.  If you have questions if something is covered, please check with the Office Assistant.

International Travel

It is recommended that WSU employees and official volunteers register their international travel.  If you are traveling on a Visa, it may be required for you to get documentation of Medical Insurance for your trip.  Here is what you need to do:

NOTE:  Insurance and other risk management resources are not provided to WSU employees and volunteers for their personal travel or for family members.