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Malwarebytes Now Available for WSU Faculty, Staff

Anti-malware/virus software Malwarebytes is now available for all WSU faculty and staff devices. A few benefits of using Malwarebytes software: Manage your endpoint security in the Malwarebytes Nebula Dashboard Create your own scan policies and schedules Remote remediation If your area would like to take advantage of this endpoint security tool or would like more information, please […]

IT Quick Links

I’ve listed the most commonly used help links grouped by topic. Zoom How to check for updates How to request a Zoom webinar or large meeting second to the last item on the page Teams ITS Teams Information page Teams Quick Start Guide Phones CAHNRS IT Phones Request/Change form they will route through ITS phones […]

Missing emails?

Not getting or can’t find certain emails? Maybe you are getting them, but Outlook is ‘hiding’ them from you. I’ve found the most likely hiding place for email is in the “Other” inbox. The default setting for Outlook uses “focused” mode. This puts items from places like mailing lists in a separate “Other” inbox to […]

Do you need to set up a Zoom Webinar?

Are you planning to hold a large conferencing event? If you are, you have a couple of options the choose from. The first option is to set up a meeting as normal. Then, if you think it will go over 300 attendees, you can request a ‘large meeting’ where they allow you to use a […]

MFA Support page

For those of you with questions about MFT, how to set up OKTA, or using Outlook for email, here is the general support page with multiple help resource links:  

Outlook mail: how to turn off Focused Inbox

With the coming changes to how the WSU email exchange server will handle authentication, many of you have to change to or upgrade Outlook. Outlook is part of the WSU Office365 license package and is available to all faculty, staff, and students free (download from or from your device’s App store). However, the newest […]

Changes to WSU email and Outlook

A few months ago WSU started sending out notices about security changes to our email going into effect August 4. Like many of our critical online tools, they are beefing up the security and running our email through the OKTA/MFA authentification. This is supposed to deter all those email hackers from gaining access to our […]

Microsoft Teams

Many of you have voiced an interest in using Microsoft Teams. For those not familiar with Teams, Here’s a short description off the WSU IT website: “Microsoft Teams offers a modern group workspace within Office 365 that includes tools and content targeted for teams of people working towards a common goal or purpose. Teams brings […]