Employee Services


WSU Employee Online Learning System

Make sure you are checking the compliance section of your Percipio profile for training requirements.

Watch your email for training assignments of compliance courses.

For more information, check out this flyer (pdf).

Long Term Care changes

In 2019 Washington State citizens voted for a long term care benefit for eligible Washingtonians. Starting January 2025, eligible applicants will be eligible to receive up to a lifetime $36,500 benefit to address a wide range of long term services and support. See this announcement for more details.

W-4 Form

  • Step 1 and 5 are required; steps 2, 3 and 4 are completed IF they apply to you.
    Make sure your name on the form matches EXACTLY to your social security card.
  • If you claimed exempt last year, you must complete a new W-4 each year.
  • Contact Payroll for clarification and additional questions and to access the form. 509-335-9575 or payroll@wsu.edu.


L&I Salary Threshold Implementation Schedule

The salary threshold effective January 2024 to remain exempt from overtime will be $67,724.80 annually / $5,643.73 monthly (this may differ from the published projected amount). This is not based on an FTE rate, therefore, even if you are less than 100% you must still make this in order to retain the OT exempt status. This number is figured as 2 times the minimum wage rate.

Minimum Wage Increase

Washington State’s minimum wage rate will increase to $16.28/hr effective January 1, 2024. Anyone making less than this amount will be automatically increased to the new minimum rate.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

WSU offers employees and adult family members living in their household services to help with work and personal concerns. Check out the flyer (pdf) for more information.

A monthly bulletin will be posted at TFREC with a different resource featured.

Employee Handbook (PDF v2-6-19)

The handbook contains important information and resources pertaining to your employment with TFREC.

myWSU portal

Things you can manage/access using the myWSU portal:

  • COVID Attestation activity will continue through myWSU portal.
  • myWSU will contain the 2020 tax document (W-2) and will be available for download after January 15, 2021.
  • Faculty members can directly access:
    • Faculty Manual
    • Faculty Senate
    • Angel/Blackboard Learning System
    • Grading
    • Provost Office
    • OGRD
    • RONet
  • APs and Classified Employees can access:
    • Administrative Professionals Manual
    • Administrative code of Civil Service Employees

Your myWSU page will no longer be the resource to view your current status for direct deposit, benefits, W4 withholdings, view your recent and past earnings statements, change contact information, as well as other employee account information. All of this information will be held in Workday beginning December 16, 2020 and provide self service capability for viewing and updating information.

Email Access

You can find the web access to your WSU email at outlook.office365.com.

WSU Benefits

The WSU Benefits page contains all the relevant links for medical plans, retirement & savings, and Wellness Programs.

New employees have 30 days to elect inclusion for some benefit options; more information on these are given during New Employee Orientation.

Graduate Student Health Resources

WSU Payroll

The Payroll services website hosts a variety of links including the current year’s payday schedule, direct deposit enrollment, and the W-4 form and instructions.

The main navigation menu has links for Faculty & Staff issues and for Students.

**Payroll document schedule**

Mental Health First Aid

If you are needing mental health advice below are some resources for you: On the Employee Assistance Program link on the Publications tab, there are monthly newsletters that are very informative.