New Employee Orientation

Welcome to WSU – TFREC!

As a new employee, you are required to complete new employee orientation and basic safety training prior to work.

TFREC campus maps can be found on the Facilities page. These include the building maps with floor plans and locations of safety equipment. More information about our center can be found on our TFREC public-facing website.

About Us

The WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center (TFREC) is a public institution. As employees of that institution, we are subject to considerable public scrutiny; we are pressed to provide public service, and we are expected to conform to certain behavioral patterns that are acceptable to the public.

As an educational institution, the WSU-TFREC is visible and vulnerable. Our acts and actions are judged by our neighbors and citizens-at-large according to their perceptions of the proper utilization of tax dollars. Frivolous actions or the appearance of non-production can have a profoundly adverse effect on our support from the public and the industry. Our buildings, equipment, and other properties are physically vulnerable, not only because ‘public property is everyone’s property’ but more so because this location, the facilities, and our activities attract attention for potential theft and vandalism.

If we are to be productive in our research missions and if we are to provide necessary public service, promote a good public image, and ensure reasonable security, every employee must be conscious of certain requirements and regulations. The following rules and guidelines assist in these various needs. We expect all employees to adhere to them.

Orientation Training

WSU-TFREC new employee orientation training covers the following:

  • Your responsibilities as a WSU employee
  • Reporting accidents and injuries
  • First aid treatment
  • Potential job hazards
  • What to do in case of emergencies
  • The TFREC safety program
  • Working hours
  • Personal habits
  • Vehicle safety

Basic Safety Training

Additionally, your orientation training also includes the following:

Additional Safety Training

Depending on your job responsibilities, you may also be required to include additional field worker safety training. If your supervisor wants you to take that training after you have completed the orientation training, visit the Safety Training page to continue your training.


Work your way through each of the training pages reading the page content and opening any training PDFs or watching the embedded videoes. Once you have completed each topic, take the associated quizzes. Use the answer sheet in your orientation packet to record your answers. When you complete each topic, use the “Proceed to:…” link at the bottom right portion of each training topic page.

When the orientation training is completed, you may also be required to take additional training found in the Safety section of this website.

To begin, please complete the WSU TFREC Employee Orientation Training, then take the Quiz. When you click on “Quiz,” a new window or tab will open in your browser. Use the Safety Training Quiz Answer Sheet in your packet to mark the answers to each quiz.  Please complete this before proceeding to the next topic.

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