Browser tips

Many of the problems people run into browsing the internet can be solved by clearing your cache (browser history) frequently. Here are tips from the Crimson Service Desk regarding browser use.

“WSU only recommends using Chrome or FireFox. They also recommend clearing your cache once a week. It is not uncommon for browsers to be the source of logon issues, and need to be completely reset, due to a corrupt webpage getting stuck in the browser.”

Here are instructions for clearing the cache for most browsers.

  1. Ctrl+H will pull up the History information
  2. Push the “Clear browsing data” button
  3. Select the time frame “All time”
  4. Push “CLEAR DATA” and wait for it to complete
  5. Restart Chrome
FireFox-FF (Mozilla)
  1. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner of the browser window
  2. Click on Options
  3. Select Privacy and Security
  4. Under the History section click on “Clear History” or “clear your recent history”
  5. Time range to clear: Everything
  6. Tip down the “Details” drop down menu and make sure that the following options are checked:
    – Browsing and Download History
    – Form and Search History
    – Cookies
    – Cache
    – Active Logins
  7. Clear Now
  8. Close all browser windows, then re-start the browser
Internet Explorer-IE (Microsoft)
  1. Select “Tools” (gear icon), then select “safety”, followed by “delete browsing history”
  2. Check Boxes -> Cookies, Temporary Internet Files, History
  3. UnCheck -> (“Preserve Favorites”)
  4. Delete
  5. Close all browser windows, then re-start the browser
  1. Launch Safari.
  2. Click the History tab, in the top menu.
  3. Select “Clear History…”
  4. Choose the time range “all history”.
  5. Click “Clear History.” Done.
Microsoft Edge
  1. Ctrl+Shift+Del
  2. Check the boxes for:
    -Browsing history
    -Cookies and saved website data
    -Cached data and files
    -The remaining options do not need to be checked
  3. Select the “Clear” button

Optional: By turning “Always clear this when I close the browser” it will not be necessary to manually clear the browser cache.