TFREC Security Policies

Key Policy

Because of the importance of security in preserving the integrity of research as well as controlling state property, the issuance of TFREC keys (including key cards) will be made in strict adherence to these guidelines. This policy applies to all employees and affiliates, whether existing, new, temporary, or permanent.

  • Keys must only be issued to those with a genuine need for them. They will never be issued to those without direct WSU affiliation unless by written permission of the director.
  • TFREC office staff will give out keys only to those persons who have been authorized by their permanent TFREC supervisor. Authorization by TFREC supervisors may be made either orally or n written form. Authorization from a supervisor outside of TFREC must be provided in writing.
  • All keys are the property of TFREC. As such, they may not be duplicated without authorization. They may not be loaned to non-authorized individuals, and they may not be transferred without authorization.
  • Upon employment at TFREC, employees will be issued a single copy of keys to buildings, other facilities, and/or equipment as required for his/her normal use. No key deposit will be required for the issuance of this first set of keys only.
  • The fee to replace lost or damaged keys is $5 each.
  • All TFREC keys must be returned to the office upon severance of affiliation with the TFREC.

Building Security

  • A building custodian unlocks the exterior doors of major buildings prior to normal work hours and secures the doors at the end of the normal workday.
  • When a building is used after hours, the user is responsible to ensure that the exterior doors are locked and secured, both upon entering and leaving the building. Particular attention should be paid to the double-doors to the Overley building. These doors will frequently fail to close completely when the lock is set. Double check all doors when leaving.
  • Individual users are responsible for fo the security of interior doors and laboratories under their jurisdiction.
  • All employees should be continually alert for possible security problems such as unlocked windows or doors, suspicious activities on the premises, etc.

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