Employee Training

WSU Skillport Online Training Site

Upcoming training available (Notices for special training will be posted here.)

  • Faculty and Staff Online Library Orientation – Wed, Sept 2, 2020, 10:00-11:00 a.m., Register (you will need your WSU login credentials)

Required trainings for ALL WSU employees (Best Practices for Course Completion):

  • Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Prevention (DSHP). All WSU faculty and staff must complete the DSHP course within the first six months of hire, and annually thereafter.
  • Ethics in Public Service: Each Washington State officer and employee has the personal responsibility to comply with the Ethics in Public Service requirements found in RCW 42.52 and WAC 292. All WSU faculty and staff must complete Ethics in Public Service within the first six months of hire, and annually thereafter.
  • Cyber Security Awareness Training: All active WSU employees, including faculty, student employees, and temporary hourly, are required to complete annual cyber security awareness training.
  • Hazing Prevention: Washington State Legislature passed Second Substitute House Bill 1751 – Concerning Hazing Prevention and Reduction at Institutions of Higher Education. All WSU faculty, administrative professional, civil service, bargaining unit, and graduate student employees are required to complete the Hazing Prevention course at the time of hire and at the beginning of each academic year thereafter. You find information about these trainings and where to view them on the HRS website.
  • Activity Insight
  • The new annual review information portal (replacing WORQS). Watch the zoom video. This can be viewed from your personal computer.

New Employee Training

All new and returning employees must complete new employee orientation training and safety training prior to starting work. Begin by going to New Employee Orientation. You will need to either watch a video or read through a PDF, depending on the topic. This is followed by taking a quiz. After taking the quiz, proceed to the next topic using the “Proceed to:…” link at the right of each page. The second portion of the training consists mainly of safety training for employees who will be working in the field or greenhouses. However, there are components for laboratory safety, ergonomics, and much more. The second portion of the training can be accessed by going straight to the Safety Training Videos index page. Information about additional safety training can be found on the Safety Training page. The Supervisors’ Safety Training Checklist shows all the things a new employee needs to know. Most of the items on the list are included in the orientation and safety training, but some items may need to be customized for each program. If you are a supervisor, please be sure to review the checklist to see what hands-on training is expected to be provided by you.

New Employee Handbook v2.6.19

  • The handbook contains important information and resources pertaining to your employment with TFREC.

First Aid/CPR participants manual (2016 version still current)

  • First Aid/CPR training is offered here at the Center annually and training is good for 2 years.
  • It is strongly recommended that each program have at least one person trained in First Aid/CPR.
  • The workbook listed above is an excellent reference for all types of emergencies and should be printed and available to all employees.
  • The front office in Overley has an AED unit, a full first aid kit, a copy of the workbook and Ready Reference materials. 

Pest Management Recommendations and Testing Checklist v.5-2-2016

  • Anyone responsible for making any pest management recommendations needs to review the checklist above and complete any training.