Phone Change Requests

Contact for TFREC IT Services, including phones: Wendy Jones, email:,  office:  509-293-8780 (= x8780)

Most TFREC offices and many of the labs have a phone. Phones are currently tracked by program and are intended to stay in their current location. However, room assignments can be fluid and people are often shuffled around. If someone is moved to a different room, they can take their phone with them without needing to have it reprogrammed. For example, if two people switch offices, they can bring their phone with them and not be impacted. Once the phone is plugged into the new location jack, it will take a few minutes to “reregister” on the network. Once it does, it will function exactly as it did in its previous location. The only time a problem arises is if the phone is reassigned to another person (or lab) or you decide you want new/different functionality.

If a phone needs to be reassigned to another person, a request must be submitted to campus IT. Depending on what changes need to be reprogrammed into the phone, there may be an associated fee. If the only thing that needs to be done is changing the Display Name/Caller ID, there should be no charge. However, if the voice mailbox (VM) needs to be set up or re-initialized, long distance restrictions changed, single inbox messaging set up or changed, or other service changes, there will likely be a charge of least $60.75 (could be charged per ‘service’ changed). Visit the service fee webpage. When phone change requests are submitted they require a budget code even if the requested service doesn’t incur a fee (such as for a name change only). For the present time, the Center will cover the cost of phone changes as described here. However, if you require major reprogramming or the addition of a new phone please contact Darla or Jerry. Acquiring and adding a new phone would cost a minimum of $1160.75.

If you need to make changes to an existing phone.

TFREC IT can help you submit your request or work with you to get it submitted. However, if you wish to submit a change request on your own, you can do it online (It will probably make you go through the WSU Authentication.) Once the request has been submitted you will see the support ticket appear in your email inbox letting you now it is being processed. Then you will see a second email letting you know who it has been assigned to at CAHNRS IT for review. Unless they have questions about the request or need more information, the request will be forwarded to Central IT to be executed. You should be able to track the support ticket online and view any progress by going back to the support portal and look under “Open Tickets”. CAHNRS IT should update the ticket once they hear back from Central IT.

If you do submit a request for a phone change we would appreciate being notified. This way we can keep track of the changes and be able to locate moved equipment if needed.

Information needed to submit a request

  • Phone model number (on front of phone)
  • MAC code of the phone (on bottom of phone)
  • phone number
  • Name Displayed (currently)
  • Budget-Project code
  • Description of request*

The last item in the list above is probably the most important because that is where you would indicate if you are just changing the Display Name/Caller ID for the phone. This is also where you explain exactly what you want them to do (or explain a problem with the phone that needs to be fixed). The next part of the form is where you request the “services” you want – all of which incur a fee per ‘service’. So, before you start clicking on things, ask yourself if you need those items set up/changed. For instance, if the phone in question already has VM set up and you have the current PIN for it, you can change the PIN and outgoing message without having to pay for it. Of course, this assumes that you got the PIN from the previous user before they gave up the phone or left WSU.
* If you want TFREC IT to submit the request for you, please give me a detailed description of what you want to be done and I will gather the rest of the information.

“New Phone Setup”

The options listed under New Phone Setup assume that you’d only be asking for these as new services and not as changes to an existing phone. This is probably because phones on campus rarely need major changes such as turning VM on or off or changing the long distance preferences. Campus’ general phone policy is that faculty and permanent staff have VM and long distance.  If the phone is reassigned, they clear the phone and re-initialize it. Other phones, such as shared and lab phones generally are set up without VM and require an access code to make long distance calls (to prevent abuse).

When we went on the new system, we were allowed a lot of flexibility with our phone set up. We have several existing phones that currently aren’t set up with VM because they are shared and there is no person in charge of checking messages. And we also have a few phones that have restricted long distance settings. Re-assigning such phones to an individual might require changes to these settings even though it isn’t a “new” phone.

“Other Service Actions”

Besides changing the Display Name/Caller ID, the most likely changes people here would make fall under Other Service Actions. If you forget your PIN number you might need to have them reset it (default is your phone extension). Or you may get assigned a phone previously used by some else and the red light is on showing there are active messages. In such cases, you may want to have them completely re-initialize the mailbox to clear it out and reset the PIN to the default. If that is done, you would then go in and change the PIN to one of your choosing and record a new outgoing message.

Other add-on services

You can also choose to have Single Inbox Messaging (SIM) where any VMs are sent to your email as audio files you can listen to. And, if you really want to be reached, you can have them turn on Reach Me Anywhere that will automatically forward any calls to your cell (or another number) after a few rings. If you miss those calls, people would leave their message on your cell and not your office phone. But remember, requesting any of these services will cost extra!

Virtual Extensions

Another possible solution to adding a new phone line is to “go virtual”. Campus has the ability to set up a phone line that routes to your cell phone in lieu of a physical desk phone. We have a limited number of “extra” phone numbers assigned to TFREC that are not yet associated with a physical phone. Campus could use one of those numbers and have all calls routed through your smart phone. It works with an App that you would install on your phone. This would allow you to also place calls that would appear as coming from the WSU extension and not your cell number. There is still a setup fee, but should be substantially less than the cost of purchasing a new Cisco phone and license (however, they may still charge you the license fee.) If this is an option you are interested in, please contact Jerry and Wendy. We would need to explore current setup options, fees, and availability of this service.