Grant information for researchers at WSU-TFREC

Log into WSU’s Online Learning System “Skillsoft Percipio” to complete the REQUIRED annual training for award set up.

Click here to upload your completed certificate for the training on MyResearch.

Training for Non-WSU

Non-WSU employees who are collaborators or Co-PIs must also take the Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Prevention training for award set up.

Gift Grants

WTFRC projects

WTFRC Proposal Schedule 2023-24 (pdf)

Instructions regarding preparing pre, new, continuing and final reports can be found on the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission site (pdf).

New templates: Can also be found on the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission site.

Important reminders

Pre proposals, new proposals and continuing reports are routed to ARC at

Final reports are NOT routed through ARC but are submitted directly to the Commission at:

(NOTE: If you choose to submit your proposals and reports directly, this does not affect the requirement to get new budgets approved through the Pre-Award team via the intake form by the deadline indicated on the schedule.)

No-Cost Extensions (NCE): Please email 1) Ines Hanrahan (, 2) Paige Beuhler (, 3) your contract administrator Stacy Mondy ( The email should address Ines Hanrahan who determines NCE permissions.