(Contact Megan Welker, megan.welker@wsu.edu for pcard questions and Kevin Rimes, kevin.rimes@wsu.edu, for all other purchasing inquiries)

ComData Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are to be used in WSU vehicles only. Each vehicle has their own fuel card, the cards can not be used on other vehicles. There is a generic fuel card at the front desk that can be checked out for use if the vehicle you are using doesn’t have it’s own fuel card. The generic fuel card is first come, first serve.

  • Fuel Cards should not be stored or left in unoccupied vehicles, but should be locked up in a WSU desk/file cabinet or carried in a bag or wallet during travel.
  • If any WSU Fuel Card is Lost or Stolen, immediately contact card programs by email at purchasing.card@wsu.edu with information about the Fuel Card, so it can be blocked. If email is not accessible, please call 509-335-2032 or 509-335-2034.
  • Contact Megan at the Front Desk and let her know which card is lost, so she can follow up with Purchasing Services.
  • Make sure to send Megan your fuel receipts. This will allow her to see if there are fraud charges on your card.