Malwarebytes Now Available for WSU Faculty, Staff

Anti-malware/virus software Malwarebytes is now available for all WSU faculty and staff devices. A few benefits of using Malwarebytes software: Manage your endpoint security in the Malwarebytes Nebula Dashboard Create your own scan policies and schedules Remote remediation If your area would like to take advantage of this endpoint security tool or would like more information, please […]

Changes to WSU email and Outlook

A few months ago WSU started sending out notices about security changes to our email going into effect August 4. Like many of our critical online tools, they are beefing up the security and running our email through the OKTA/MFA authentification. This is supposed to deter all those email hackers from gaining access to our […]

Zoom 5 and Security Improvements

Zoom has released Zoom 5 and it comes with support for AES 256-bit GCM encryption. TO find out more about what that’s all about, read the blog here: What this means to you is that by the end of the month (May) you and all of your attendees must be using this version (or newer) […]

MFA-Office365 mail changes

Update: The Office 365 preparatory maintenance changes originally scheduled for Monday, May 11 (as described in the email that ITS sent out on April 27) has been rescheduled for Thursday, May 14. This is likely due to the issues they ran into with Outlook (read more on the Outlook issues). Central IT has informed us […]

IT News & Updates 2-5-2020

It’s been a while since I’ve sent out a general update on TFREC IT. The good news is that there haven’t been any major issues. But there are a few things to mention. TFREC public website – If you haven’t visited our Center’s website recently, you should check it out. I have started posting special […]

Browser tips

Many of the problems people run into browsing the internet can be solved by clearing your cache (browser history) frequently. Here are tips from the Crimson Service Desk regarding browser use. “WSU only recommends using Chrome or FireFox. They also recommend clearing your cache once a week. It is not uncommon for browsers to be […]

IT News & Updates 7/26/19

WSU ITS was busy while I was on vacation (no I don’t feel guilty!). So today’s blog article covers the two biggest items of note: changes to ProofPoint and ITS Service Center Launch. But first, a word about phishing looking emails. Phishy emails WSU IT Security would really like it if no WSU emails contained live links. […]

IT News & Updates 7/12/19

It’s been a busy week for WSU IT. They’ve been working on a variety of items – many that directly affected us. These included the new WSU Zoom rollout, updates for Zoom Apps and plugins, myWSU maintenance, and long distance issues. In addition to these, there have also been several reports of spam/phishing voicemail and […]