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Each of the different training events are described below. The actual event schedules are shown to the right (or below the descriptions if viewing by mobile device).

Oriental Fruit Moth (OFM) Detection Training for Stone Fruit Cull Cutter Certification

According to the requirements of the systems approach for the export of stone fruits (apricots, peaches & nectarines) to Canada and the work plan for the export of apricots to Mexico, participating packing facilities must have trained employees to conduct the cull cutting portion of these protocols. Mexico requires two trained technical employees, while Canada only requires that trained people perform the work.
The Washington State Department of Agriculture and Washington State University conducts two group training sessions in May: one in Yakima; and one in Wenatchee. If you missed the session in your area you will need to contact your WSDA inspector (or other local agency if outside of WA) for in-house training.

Industry Apple/Pear Export Workshop

The annual Apple Industry Export Workshop covering updates in the various apple export programs (Apple: Mexico, China, Taiwan, Japan; Pear: China) is hosted each year by USDA and the Northwest Fruit Exporters (NFE). Facilities wishing to export must be registered with NFE. This meeting is intended for industry personnel involved with packing and shipping apples for export (owners/managers, packing/shipping supervisors, those responsible for cold treatment, and documentation personnel).

If your facility has not received a meeting notification packet please contact Northwest Fruit Exporters (NFE: 509-576-8004)  to ensure you are currently registered in the appropriate apple or pear export program.

Apple Exports to Taiwan: Orchard & Bin Sampling Protocols, Cull fruit Pre-screening, and China Apple Export Sample Training

Taiwan: Training is mandatory for people who do not have a Pest Consultant’s license (PCO) or Commercial Applicator’s license. Those without either license must attend training to perform orchard or field bin sampling. Training should be repeated every two (2) years. People who attended training last summer (2015) are not required to attend, but refresher attendance is strongly advised by NHC and USDA/APHIS to keep you apprised of any work plan changes. It is also advised that anyone with a license but unfamiliar with the Taiwan protocol attend training. Certified cull cutters may perform field bin sampling if informed of bin sampling protocols. Official forms must be used for all phases of the work plan. You can download the instructions and forms here.

Training for field/bin/cull cutters has been assigned to Joshua Milnes at WSDA in Yakima. He will be scheduling sessions. Watch for event listings or contact him directly.

Joshua Milnes by email: or call him at 509-220-1134.

Taiwan Cull Cutter Certification

Orchard & Bin Sampling training does not replace cull cutter certification – Re-certification of cull cutters is requested by USDA/WSDA for a minimum of 2 cutters per facility every other year (Taiwan).

All of the Taiwan training has been turned over to Joshua Milnes at WSDA in Yakima. This includes training and oversight for cull cutter certification and field sample training. Please contact him for the schedule of training events. Contact Joshua Milnes by email: or call him at 509-220-1134


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