BC Canada – soft fruit

B.C., Canada Soft Fruit

Systems Approach Work Plan for Soft Fruit

(Peaches, Nectarines, and Apricots)

Pest of Concern: Oriental Fruit Moth (OFM), Cydia molesta

Each facility/grower must be registered with Northwest Horticultural Council by the start of the crop season.

Field Control Procedures

All Orchards must comply with the following field control procedures:

  • Trapping to begin prior to first adult flight of OFM.
  • Inspect and record trap catch minimum of once per week.
  • Trapping requirements reviewed with Canadian Food Inspection Agency yearly.
  • Sprays shall be applied and optimally timed with degree days.
  • Mating disruption is an option in lieu of or in combination with pesticide applications.
  • Trap monitoring, treatments and shoot/strike records must be submitted at time of harvest upon request of WSDA.

Inspection Procedures

Packinghouse cutting requirement:

  • 2 technicians trained by WSDA (minimum number)
  • Cut 300 cull fruit per day per grower lot per variety
  • Record cull cutting results on the cull score sheet found in the export packet for B.C., Canada
    (If shipping to both Canada and Mexico, fill out both country’s forms.)
  • Any larva found during cutting must be submitted to WSDA for identification
  • If an OFM is found, that grower lot is “out” for the remainder of the season
  • Fruit must be packed in new, clean containers with preprinted name and address of the packer.
  • All cartons must be stamped with a grower lot number.

Additional Declaration:

“The fruit in this shipment was produced and inspected in accordance with the systems approach guidelines agreed to between APHIS and CFIA.

  • 1% of the shipping cartons must be inspected for phytosanitary, AND all fruit showing pest infestation will be cut; a minimum of 2 fruit per container will be cut and examined for internal feeders.
  • Detection of a single OFM rejects that grower lot for the remainder of the season.
  • Repacking for infestation NOT permitted.
  • Fumigation of peaches, plums nectarines and apricots is optional.
  • Trap monitoring, treatments and shoot/strike records must be submitted at time of harvest upon request of WSDA.

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