Apple Postharvest Defects & Disorders Quick ID Guide

The “Quick Identification Guide to Apple Postharvest Defects & Disorders Cards” is undergoing a major update and reconfiguration. The old website was decommissioned in March 2019. The revised defects and disorders guide has already begun to be posted on the WSU Tree Fruit website. The first section available is on Postharvest Diseases. In the interim, the old website content has been relocated to this site.

About the original defects and disorders guide

The original guide produced in 2005, was a set of coated cards bound in such a way as to allow you to easily flip through the cards to find what you wanted. The binding pin even had a hook that would allow you to hang the card set from your quality control work station. The cards sets were extremely popular and the first run of 300 units sold out quickly. An additional print run in 2007 also sold out. For some reason, the group that manufactured and sold them for us lost interest and stop further marketing of the card sets. To make them available, we put them online as a series of webpages. The web format has proven to be even more popular and caters to a huge worldwide audience with over 10,000 page views per week. Unfortunately, the old web server hosting the files became unmaintainable and a security risk to the rest of the network.  So, the decision was made to decommission the old server. Although there will be a New and improved defect and disorders guide available soon on the Tree Fruit website, the old content has been ported over to this site.

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