Research Summary

Summary of research experience and professional skills


Experienced in all aspects of traditional apple and pear breeding techniques: design and implementation of crossing program; seedling selection including resistance to Venturia inaequalis (field & glasshouse), Podosphaera leucotricha (field & glasshouse), Erwinia amylovoraDysaphis devectaDysaphis plantagineaDysaphis pyriEriosoma lanigerum (glasshouse); selection for fruit quality including instrumental soluble solids content, acidity, firmness, appearance, yield, sensory analysis, shelf-life tests; managing propagation and trialling; development of publicity material and liaison on multiple levels with interested parties. Awarded the Women’s Leadership through Science Award, 2011, Washington State Horticultural Association; Elected member of US RosEXEC (2011- 2014); UK National Fruit Collection Advisory Committee for Defra (2004-2008); UK Apple & Pear Research Council Breeding & Varietal Development (1995-2003); UK National Fruit Show Judge (1997-2007).


Managed programs focused on the development and use of molecular markers for marker-assisted selection and fingerprinting in Malus and Pyrus. Demonstration breeder for SCRI-RosBREED project (2009-2014). Member of Eucarpia, Association of Applied Biologists, the Genetical Society and American Society for Horticultural Sciences. UK representative on management committee of COST action 864 (2006-2008). UK representative on European Union HIDRAS project co-ordination committee (2004-2007). UK representative on European Union DARE project co-ordination committee (1999-2003). Scientific committee member and joint editor of proceedings for Eucarpia Fruit Breeding Symposia 2003 & 2011. Executive committee member for RGC7 (2014).


Over 20 years experience in project identification, development, funding, management, coordination and reporting at local, national and international levels.  Sponsorship received from government, EU, industry and private bodies, requiring interaction with a wide range of people. Team leader and line manager for post-doctoral researchers, assistants, visiting workers and students. Recruited personnel and provided training in field, laboratory and office procedures including practical science, health and safety, quality assurance issues as well as budget and resource management.