Sunrise Magic® brand WA 2

Sunrise Magic® fruit in bowl
Sunrise Magic®

The first apple cultivar released from the WSU apple breeding program is ‘WA 2’. From a ‘Splendour’ x ‘Gala’ cross, its outstanding eating quality, appearance and productivity give it huge potential to be a successful cultivar in Washington State.

It is attractive with an orange-red to pinkish-red blush (70-90% of the skin surface) over a yellow background and has large and conspicuous lenticels which usually make it easily distinguishable from other cultivars and add to its overall pleasing appearance. Fruit shape is round and size is medium/large; it is usually larger than ‘Gala’, comparable to ‘Braeburn’ and smaller than ‘Fuji’. The fruit has outstanding texture, being very firm, crisp and juicy and loses very little firmness in storage and on the shelf. ‘WA 2’ ripens in late September and early October and is suited to the fresh market with the potential to be a commercial cultivar both directly off the tree and out of medium and long-term storage.

Tree Characteristics:

  • Compact growth habit
  • Average productivity
  • Annual bearing (if thinned)
  • Moderate susceptibility to powdery mildew and fire blight

Fruit Characteristics:

  • Late September to early October season
  • Medium fruit size, round
  • Very attractive
  • Bright pinkish red
  • Conspicuous lenticels
  • Little russet or bitter pit

Eating Quality

  • Excellent texture – crisp, juicy and very firm out of storage (low ethylene gene: Md ACS1-2/2)
  • Balanced flavor – sweet with moderate acidity
  • Very high sensory/consumer ratings
  • Good quality from North to South