Cosmic Crisp® brand WA 38

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Cosmic Crisp®

Cosmic Crisp® brand WA 38, an eye-catching, large, dark red apple

Remarkably firm, sweet, tangy, crisp, and unbelievably juicy. These are words that describe ‘WA 38’, the latest creation of WSU’s world-class tree fruit breeding program. After more than 16 years in the making, this eye-catching, dark-red beauty is ready for launch into the marketplace. With its winning combination of taste, texture, and beauty, this premium apple will be a boon to Washington apple growers, WSU’s breeding program, and apple lovers everywhere.

Exceptional breeding

‘WA 38’ is a cross between ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Honeycrisp’. The large, juicy apple has a remarkably firm and crisp texture. Its exceptional flavor profile provides ample sweetness and tartness, making it an excellent eating apple. In addition to being delicious, it is slow to brown when cut and maintains its texture and flavor in storage for more than a year.

Developing a winning strategy

In the past, a public university would simply announce a new variety as available to growers and then hope for the best. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, the introduction of a new apple requires a marketing plan with experts and advocates helping it win a position alongside existing varieties on grocers’ shelves and ultimately in shoppers’ grocery carts. This is why WSU is proactively managing the release and introduction of this variety. It is just as important that our varieties be successful as it is for us to complete any other aspect of our research.

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Cosmic Crisp® / WA 38 Field Day in 2014

Cosmic Crisp® / WA 38 Field Day in 2016

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