In the News

“Cosmic crisp – a new apple to get your teeth into”
The Guardian, June 2017

 Breeder Kate Evans taste testing apples
Ted S. Warren/AP

“Beyond the Honeycrisp Apple”
NY Times, November 2015

Apples floating in water
Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

“How to grow Cosmic Crisp”
Good Fruit Grower, July 2014

 Young Cosmic Crisp® trees in a high density orchard

“WSU releases WA 38 apple”
Good Fruit Grower, September 2012

Cosmic Crisp® apples in a bowl

“WA 2 update”
Good Fruit Grower, June 2012

Sunrise Magic® trees

“Performance of WA 2 in industry evaluations”
Good Fruit Grower, October 2011

Misshapen "parrot-beaked" fruit of Sunrise Magic®

“Apple selections evaluated for postharvest performance”
Good Fruit Grower, August 2011

Cut apples laid out on ground after being stained with iodine for starch conversion testing
Washington Tree Fruit Research commission

“WSU releases new apple”
Good Fruit Grower, 2009

Sunrise Magic® fruit on tree