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Beers Tree Fruit Entomology

My research for the past 30+ years has been in the area of integrated pest management of the apple pests, both those feeding directly on the fruit, or on roots, shoots or foliage of the tree.  Within this broad area, I have studied integrated and biological control, arthropod phenology and life history, host plant associations, economic injury levels, effects of herbivory on plant gas exchange, sampling, nontarget effects of pesticides on natural enemies, and pesticide resistance.  My approach has been to tailor each research project to the needs of the industry in response to an emerging pest situation, while still providing sufficient long-term, background research to meet future pest management needs. Highlights of my past and current research projects are:

Spider mites: nontarget effects of pesticides on western predatory mite; integrated biological control; effect of damage on plant productivity and economic injury levels, acaricide resistance, and chemical control.

Woolly apple aphid:  biological control and conservation biology of predators; phenology of aerial colonies and crawlers; chemical control.

Western flower thrips:  host associations, phenology, timing of injury, dispersal, chemical control.

White apple leafhopper:  phenology modeling, sampling, economic injury levels, chemical control, biological control.

Campylomma verbasci:  Timing of injury, economic injury levels, phenology modeling, sampling, thresholds.

Rosy apple aphid: alternate host plants and life history; host plant preference, biological control, chemical control.

Elizabeth H. Beers

Professor & Entomologist

Department of Entomology
Washington State University
Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center
1100 N Western Ave
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Phone: 509.293.8755
Fax: 509.662.8714