Archived Postharvest Information Network (PIN) Articles

This is an archived database of research papers, reports and news articles provided by Dr. Kupferman from the now retired Postharvest Information Network website.

Disclaimer: This archive is provided for informational use only. The archive may contain outdated material and should not be used to determine current best practices.

Article IDAuthorTitleDate
EMK2000AKupfermanObservations on Maturity and Storage of Apples and Pears (Revised Fall 2002)October2002
EMK2000BRetamalesBitter Pit Prediction in Apples and the Commercial Use of Fruit Magnesium InfiltrationSeptember2000
EMK2000CKupfermanStorage Scald of ApplesJuly2001
EMK2001ADunleyPear Pest Management in the Pacific NorthwestJune2001
EMK2001BKupfermanTemperature Management and Modified Atmosphere Packing to Preserve Sweet Cherry QualityJuly2001
EMK2001CKupfermanComparison of Pome Fruit Firmness Testing InstrumentsDecember2001
EMK2001DKupfermanControlled Atmosphere Storage of Apples and PearsDecember2001
EMK2002AKupfermanCritical Aspects of Harvest and Quality ManagementJune2002
EMK2002BKupfermanFirmness Loss in GingergoldJune2002
EMK2002CKupfermanEffects of DPA Drenching on Newer Apple VarietiesSeptember 2002
EMK2002DKupfermanMinimizing Internal Browning in Apples and PearsSeptember 2002
EMK2002FKupfermanPackinghouse Primer: Maturity, Storage and Handling of Washington ApplesDecember 1996
EMK2002GKupfermanUse of Diphenylamine, Ethoxyquin and Semperfresh on Anjou PearsFebruary2003
EMK2003AKupfermanGala Lenticel MarkingFebruary2003
EMK2003BKupfermanQuality of the 2001 Crop of Washington ApplesApril2003
EMK2003CKupfermanQuality of the 2000 Crop of Washington State ApplesMarch2002
EMK2004AKupfermanLenticel Breakdown in Gala ApplesNovember 2004
EMK2005AKupfermanA Status Report on Lenticel Breakdown of Gala ApplesJuly2005
EMK2006AKupfermanWe Are in the Food Business: Providing Consumers with the Quality Apples They WantFebruary2006
EMK2006BKupfermanMinimizing Bruising on ApplesFebruary2006
EMK2007AKupfermanEvaluation of Sweet Cherry Fruit and Stem Damage when Applying Peroxyacetic Acid or Sodium Hypochlorite after HarvestDecember 2007
EMK2007BKupfermanNon-Destructive Firmness Instrument Testing: Apples and PearsJuly2007
EMK2007CKupfermanPlain Talk About Lenticel BreakdownNovember 2007
EMK2007DKupfermanLessons about Pears from around the WorldDecember 2007
EMK2009AKupfermanLenticel Breakdown of Apples and Fruit Mineral BalanceAugust2009
EMK2009BKupfermanA Status Report on Honeycrisp Apple Maturity and Storage for WashingtonSeptember 2009
EMK2009CKupfermanResearch Progress Report: Lenticel Breakdown in Gala Apples, 2008 CropDecember 2009
J10I1ALauFactors Affecting Braeburn Browning DisorderFebruary 1999
J10I1BOzanichNear-Infrared Spectroscopy: Background and Application to Tree Fruit Quality MeasurementsFebruary 1999 
J10I1CMoffittMethyl Bromide Fumigation of ‘Rainier’ Sweet Cherries in Corrugated Polypropylene ContainersFebruary 1999 
J10I1DLauEthylene Scrubbing Offers No Firmness and Scald Benefits to ‘Golden Delicious,’ ‘Delicious,’ and ‘Spartan’ Apples in Low-Oxygen StorageFebruary 1999 
J1I1ARosenbergerPostharvest Integrated Pest ManagementJune1990
J1I2AWaeltiMatching Nitrogen Equipment to Your NeedsAugust1990
J2I3AKupfermanEuropean Apple Warehouse PracticesAugust1991
J2I3BWaeltiHumidity Management in CA StoragesAugust1991
J2I4AGuyerMinimizing Apple Bruising in the PackinglineDecember 1991
J2I4BKupfermanQuality of Red and Golden Delicious Apples Shipped from Washington State-Progress Report for the 1989 and 1990 CropDecember 1991 
J3I1AKupfermanMaturity and Storage of Apple Varieties New to Washington State-1992April1992
J3I1BKupfermanNew Zealand’s Approach to Postharvest Handling of ApplesApril1992
J3I2ANW HortResidue Tolerances for Postharvest ChemicalsJune1992
J3I3AZhangApple Bruising Research Update: Effects of Moisture, Temperature, CultivarAugust1992
J3I3BHydeApple Bruising Research Update: Packingline Impact EvaluationsAugust1992
J3I4AKupfermanReducing Postharvest Losses in Anjou Pears:A Report on the 1991 CropDecember 1992
J3I4BKupfermanRetaining the Firmness of Apples in StorageDecember 1992
J3I4CWaeltiShould We Use Plastic Bins?December 1992
J4I1ADuganAnthracnose, Perennial Canker and Bull’s-Eye Rot of Apple and PearJune1993
J4I1BApelChlorine DioxideJune1993
J4I1CSpottsFiltration to Remove Spores of Penicillium Expansum from Water in Pome Fruit PackinghousesJune1993
J4I1DApelFlotation Materials for PearsJune1993
J4I1ETukeyOverview of Ozone Use at Snokist GrowersJune1993
J4I1FKupfermanPostharvest Diseases of CherriesJune1993
J4I1GKupfermanPostharvest Practices to Minimize Decay in PearsJune1993
J4I1HKupfermanPostharvest Diseases and Disorders of Apples and PearsJune1993
J4I1IKupfermanPostharvest Practices to Minimize Decay in ApplesJune1993
J4I1JKupfermanPreharvest Practices to Minimize Postharvest DecayJune1993
J4I3ABrownReduce Apple Bruise DamageOctober 1993
J4I3BTruterEthylene Levels in Commercial CA and Low-Ethylene CA Storage of Golden Delicious, Starking, and Granny Smith Apples and Packham’s Triumph PearsOctober 1993  
J5I1AKupfermanAnjou Pear Quality:  Fruit QualityApril1994
J5I1BKupfermanAnjou Pear Quality:  Postharvest PracticesApril1994
J5I1CKupfermanCherry Damage Surveys in 1993April1994
J5I1DYoungIn-Field Hydrocooling Cherry Temperature ManagementApril1994
J5I1EKupfermanAnjou Pear Quality:  Disorders and DiseasesApril1994
J5I1FGuyerLighting Systems for Fruit SortingApril1994
J5I2AKupfermanPacking Fuji Apples in Washington StateAugust1994
J5I2BKupfermanPacking Gala Apples in Washington StateAugust1994
J5I2CKupfermanPacking Golden Delicious Apples in Washington StateAugust1994
J5I2DKupfermanPacking Red Delicious Apples in Washington StateAugust1994
J5I2EKupfermanReport to the Industry on Fruit Quality and Packing Practices for Washington Grown ApplesAugust1994
J5I3AKupfermanMaturity and Storage of Gala, Fuji, and Braeburn ApplesSeptember1994
J6I1AThompsonReducing Cherry Damage in Packinghouse Operations-Packinghouse EvaluationsMay1995
J6I2AKupfermanPostharvest Handling of Anjou PearsJune1995
J6I2BKupfermanPractices to Reduce Postharvest Pear DiseasesJune1995
J8I2AKupfermanNear Infrared Sorting for the Washington Apple IndustryJune1997
J8I2CDrakeApple Waxing after Methyl Bromide FumigationJune1997
J8I3AKupfermanObservations on Storage Regimes for Apples and Pears, 1997October1997
J8I3BKupfermanQuality of CA-Stored Anjou Pears Packed in Trays or Handwrapped-1996 CropOctober1997
J8I4AHydeBruising-Impacts, Why Apples Bruise, and What You Can Do to Minimize BruisingDecember1997
J8I4BPittsElastic Modulus: What Is It?December1997
J8I4CPittsEvaluating Apple Firmness SensorsDecember1997
J8I4DCavalieriDetection of Watercore in ApplesDecember1997
J9I1AKupfermanPostharvest Applied Chemicals to Pears:A Survey of Pear Packers in Washington, Oregon, and CaliforniaJune1998
N1I2AProebstingBing Cherry MaturityMay1983
N1I2BPattersonCA Storage of Bing CherriesMay1983
N1I2CPattenReduction of Surface Pitting in Sweet CherriesMay1983
N1I3ABramlageMeasuring Fruit Firmness with a PenetrometerAugust1983
N1I4ABlanpiedThe Many Faces of CA StorageNovember1983
N1I4BWaeltiEnergy Conservation in Apple StoragesNovember1983
N2I1AKupfermanCarbon Monoxide in Storage Rooms and Packing HousesFebruary1984
N2I1BBlanpiedLow Oxygen Hazard In CA StorageFebruary1984
N2I2AKolattukudyNatural Waxes on FruitsMay1984
N2I2BKupfermanWaxing Red DeliciousMay1984
N2I3ABramlageFactors Influencing DPA Residues on ApplesAugust1984
N2I4AOlsenMonitoring the Quality of Apples in Long-Term CA StorageNovember 1984 
N2I4BKupfermanUsing Chlorine in the PackinghouseNovember 1984
N3I1AChenSome Advantages and Disadvantages of Low-Oxygen Storage of Red Delicious ApplesFebruary 1985 
N3I1BMeheriukLow-Oxygen Atmospheres to Control Superficial Scald in Red Delicious ApplesFebruary 1985 
N3I1CLauStorage Factors Influencing the Quality of ApplesFebruary 1985
N3I2AMitchellReducing Handling Injuries During Fruit HarvestMay1985
N3I2BKupfermanCherry Quality Research SummaryMay1985
N3I3ATvergyakPear Maturity Indexes Used to Time Harvest DateAugust1985
N3I3BKupfermanPractices to Reduce Postharvest Pear DiseasesAugust1985
N3I4ALoescherUnderstanding WatercoreNovember 1985
N4I1AWaeltiForced Air Cooling of CherriesMay1986
N4I1BKupfermanAn Introduction to Cherry Quality and HandlingMay1986
N4I1CKupfermanThe Role of Ethylene in Determining Apple Harvest and Storage LifeMay1986
N4I2APattersonPreserving Granny Smith Quality and ConditionJuly1986
N4I2BBartschReducing Energy Costs in CA StorageJuly1986
N4I2COlsenViews on CA Storage of ApplesJuly1986
N4I3AKupfermanRetail Quality of Washington ApplesNovember 1986
N4I3BKupfermanControl of Major Postharvest Apple DiseasesNovember 1986
N4I3CLauDessert Quality and Storability of Jonagold ApplesNovember 1986
N5I1APattersonFactors of Loss and The Role of Heat Removal for Maximum Preservation of Sweet CherriesMay1987
N5I1BGlennRole of Calcium in Delaying Softening of Apples and CherriesMay1987
N5I2AKlahreD’Anjou Harvest Maturity and StorageAugust1987
N5I2BKupfermanBrown Core, a Disorder of CA Stored PearsAugust1987
N6I1AWaeltiPotential for Explosions in CA Storage FacilitiesMarch1988
N6I2AKupfermanFruit Mineral Analysis–An UpdateSeptember 1988
N6I2BPattersonHarvest Maturity and Storage of Granny Smith Apples for Late CA and Uniform Market QualitySeptember 1988
N6I2CBramlageApple Scald, a Complex ProblemSeptember 1988
N6I3AMeheriukHarvest Maturity and Storage Regime for PearsDecember 1988
N6I3BKupfermanSkin Speckling and Pithy Brown Core of D’Anjou PearsDecember 1988
N7I1AKupfermanCherry Warehouse Survey Report, 1988May1989
N7I2AApelDump Tank ChemicalsSeptember 1989
N7I2BKupfermanThe Early Beginnings of Controlled Atmosphere StorageSeptember 1989
N7I2CSugarFlotation Materials for PearSeptember 1989
N7I3AWillettPostharvest Diseases and Disorders of Apples and PearsDecember 1989
N7I3BWillettPractices to Minimize Postharvest Decay of Apples and PearsDecember 1989
N7I3CWillettFlotation Materials For PearsDecember 1989
N7I3DWillettPostharvest Diseases of CherriesDecember 1989
PC2000AWillettInternational Chemical StandardsMarch2000
PC2000AACurryConsiderations in Using Ethephon and ReTain To Regulate Maturity of Deciduous Tree FruitMarch2000
PC2000BAshbyRetail Sales Trends in Washington State ApplesMarch2000
PC2000BBHarkerWhat Makes Fruit Firm and How to Keep It That WayMarch2000
PC2000CFoxFood Safety: The Commercial AdvantageMarch2000
PC2000CCLutzSuccessful Apple Marketing in the New MillenniumMarch2000
PC2000DEschbachEthylene Concentrations in Controlled Atmosphere StorageMarch2000
PC2000DDMattheisResponses of Apple and Pear Fruit to1-MethylcyclopropeneMarch2000
PC2000EBlankenshipPotential MCP RevolutionMarch2000
PC2000EECurryPredicting Physiological Disorders: Bitter PitMarch2000
PC2000FBlankenshipEthylene: The Ripening HormoneMarch2000
PC2000FFGriffinMonitoring the Controlled Atmosphere Storage Environment: Ammonia Sensors and Infrared Vapor AnalysisMarch2000
PC2000GZehmWater Quality, Water Availability, and Salmon RecoveryMarch2000
PC2000HChenEthylene and Anjou PearsMarch2000
PC2000IMitchamEthylene Treatment of Bartlett Pears in Transit to Improve Ripening and QualityMarch2000
PC2000JPowersOpening New MarketsMarch2000
PC2000KHallierBar-Coding Individual FruitMarch2000
PC2000LFergusonAn Insurer’s Perspective on PostharvestMarch2000
PC2000MGranatsteinAlternative Markets for Fruit: Organic and Integrated Fruit ProductionMarch2000
PC2000NThompsonTransport and Packaging to Optimize Pear QualityMarch2000
PC2000OThompsonGood Temperature Management Improves Fruit QualityMarch2000
PC2000PMortonEvaporator Fan Variable Frequency Drive Effects on Energy and Fruit QualityMarch2000
PC2000QSchickOptimizing Cherry Stem QualityMarch2000
PC2000RHellicksonPear Cool-Down and Mass Loss: Comparing Plastic and Wooden BinsMarch2000
PC2000SSauerImproving Plant Operations Using Information TechnologyMarch2000
PC2000TSauerNew Marketing Opportunities:Some Bright Lights of Hope on the Horizon for Washington ApplesMarch2000
PC2000UBedfordPreventing DecayMarch2000
PC2000VSwearingenAdvertising Program Evaluation:February 1999 to February 2000March2000
PC2000WZagoryWash Water Sanitation: How Do I Compare Different Systems?March2000
PC2000XZagoryWhat Modified Atmosphere PackagingCan and Can’t Do for YouMarch2000
PC2000YEwartNew Postharvest Chemicals: The Environmental Protection Agency and the Risk CupMarch2000
PC2000ZSandersonManagement of Decay Around the World and at HomeMarch2000
PC2001AAndrewsGala SplittingMarch2001
PC2001BArgentaResponses of MCP-Treated Fuji and Braeburn Apple Fruit to Air and CA Storage ConditionsMarch2001
PC2001CArgentaDevelopment of Internal Browning in Fuji Apples During StorageMarch2001
PC2001DBatesIntroducing AgroFreshTMMarch2001
PC2001ECliffQuality Assurance Based on Sensory EvaluationMarch2001
PC2001FDrakeThe Influence of Paper Wraps on the Quality and Disorders of Anjou Pears After Controlled Atmosphere StorageMarch2001
PC2001GFergusonCalcium in Apple FruitMarch2001
PC2001HHansenExporting Without Methyl BromideMarch2001
PC2001IHellicksonReducing Energy Costs in Fruit Storage WarehousesMarch2001
PC2001JHydeConditioning to Reduce Impact Bruising in Fruits and VegetablesMarch2001
PC2001KMcEvoyOrganic Regulations for Washington and USAMarch2001
PC2001LMullinixDeveloping a Washington Tree Fruit Industry Strategic PlanMarch2001
PC2001MO’RourkeWhere Do We Go From Here?March2001
PC2001NMattheisResponses of Pacific Northwest Apples to 1-methylcyclopropene (MCP)March2001
PC2001OOzanichNear-Infrared Spectroscopy Progress ReportMarch2001
PC2001PPlottoTools of Sensory Analysis Applied to ApplesMarch2001
PC2001QStaplesMinimizing Energy Use in StorageMarch2001
PC2001RSugarModified Atmosphere Packaging for PearsMarch2001
PC2001SToivonenFactors Involved in Developing Apples SlicesMarch2001
PC2001TWilcoxEnergy Efficiency in Fruit Storage WarehousesMarch2001
PC2001UCurryLenticel and Cuticle Disorders: A SurveyMarch2001
PC2001VHarkerConsumer Response to ApplesMarch2001
PC2002ACarpenterThe Sales Desk and the Apple Commission: Working Together on Retail PromotionsMarch2002
PC2002BCurryFactors Contributing to Lenticel BreakdownMarch2002
PC2002CHuberFresh Fruit Packing General Permit Renewal: The Fruit Industry and WSDOE Working TogetherMarch2002
PC2002DKupfermanThe Quality of Washington ApplesMarch2002
PC2002EMattheisFactors Influencing Successful Use of 1-MCPMarch2002
PC2002FMarinConsumers’ Evaluation of Apple QualityMarch2002
PC2002GMemmottRetaining and Motivating EmployeesMarch2002
PC2002HMoffittConditioned Fruit: Is It What Consumers Are Looking For?March2002
PC2002JSchlectFood Safety/Food Security: Will It Be Important?March2002
PC2002KSugarPear Flotation Studies, 2001-2002March2002
PC2002Lvan Someren GréveTechnology and Automation–Can It Decrease Warehouse Costs/Improve Grower Returns?March2002
PC2002MZoffoliThe Apple and Cherry Industry of ChileMarch2002
PC2003ASchraderStress-Induced Disorders: Effects on Apple Fruit QualityDecember 2003 
PC2003BBrunnerInformation from the Careful Evaluation of Packlingline CullsDecember 2003 
PC2003CCrouchResearch and Commercial Experience with SmartFresh in South AfricaDecember 2003 
PC2003DCrouchPost-Harvest Apple Practices in South AfricaDecember 2003
PC2003EMcEvoyOrganic Certification in the United States and EuropeDecember 2003 
PC2003FMoggiaApple Postharvest Practices in ChileDecember 2003
PC2003GMoggiaUse of Thermofogging for DPA and Fungicide Applications in ChileDecember 2003 
PC2003HSmilanickUse of Ozone in Storage and Packing FacilitiesDecember 2003
PC2003IWillettMaking Sense of Organic, Food Safety and Food Security Certification ProgramsDecember 2003 
PC2004ABylemansPENBOTEC 400 SC, a New Postharvest FungicideDecember 2004
PC2004BKelleyChlorine Disinfectants and ORP ControlDecember 2004
PC2004CXiaoDecay Control with New ToolsDecember 2004
PC2004DNevenHigh Pressure Washing and Organosilicones: Improvements and Impacts on Pear Quality, Pathogens, and Surface ArthropodsDecember 2004 
PC2004ESchraderFruit Skin DisordersDecember 2004
PC2004FSholbergBin and Storage Room SanitationDecember 2004
PC2004GTedfordScholar–A New Broad-Spectrum Postharvest Fungicide for Pome FruitsDecember 2004 
PC2004HJonesCull Analysis: Moving Towards a Better SystemDecember 2004
PC2005AHernandezQuality of Pink Lady AppleDecember 2005
PC2005BDeEllOntario Experiences with 1-MCP (SmartFreshTM) on ApplesDecember 2005 
PC2005CDeEllPostharvest Quality and Handling of ‘Honeycrisp’ ApplesDecember 2005 
PC2005DDrakeThe Influence of Aminoethoxyvinylglycine and Ethephon on Objective and Sensory Quality of ‘Delicious’ Apples and Apple Juice at Harvest and After StorageDecember 2005 
PC2005EHellicksonImproving Air Distrubution in Fruit Storage WarehousesDecember 2005
PC2005FKupfermanLatest Research on Lenticel Breakdown of ApplesDecember 2005
PC2005GMitchamTree Fruit Research in CaliforniaDecember 2005
PC2005HSpottsNew High-Tech Methods to Solve Old Decay ProblemsDecember 2005
PC2006AHanrahanLenticel Disorders Industry SurveyDecember 2006
PC2006BSugarAdvances in Integrated Management of Pear Postharvest DecayDecember 2006
PC2006CThompsonRequirements for Successful Forced-Air CoolingDecember 2006
PC95ADrakeQuality of Gala Apples as Related to Maturity, Storage Atmosphere and Storage with Bartlett PearsMarch1995
PC95BGrantInternal Browning of Fuji: Central California ExperiencesMarch1995
PC96AChenStorage Challenges with Winter PearsMarch1996
PC97AChenCA Regimes for Control of Superficial Scald of d’Anjou PearMarch1997
PC97BWitneyFruit Mineral Uptake and Augmentation in the Orchard: Postharvest Quality ImplicationsMarch1997
PC97CWolkPractical Application of Fruitlet Mineral AnalysisMarch1997
PC97DPittsApple Size and Length of Storage Affects FirmnessMarch1997
PC97EDrakeFruit Quality as influenced by Wax ApplicationMarch1997
PC97FCavalieriDetection of Watercore in ApplesMarch1997
PC97GFossumHarvesting JonagoldsMarch1997
PC97HCurryConsiderations in Assessing Maturity of Braeburn ApplesMarch1997
PC97IMitchamEvaluation of Four Cherry Firmness Measuring DevicesMarch1997
PC97JMattheisPostharvest Management of Watercored Fuji ApplesMarch1997
PC97KHydeOptimizing Temperature and Moisture to Minimize Fruit BruisingMarch1997
PC97LSandersonFungicidal Drenches for Control of Postharvest Decay in d’AnjouMarch1997
PC97MLennoxBotrytis Gray Mold as a Postharvest Pathogen in D’Anjou PearMarch1997
PC97NSugarControl of Postharvest Decay with Chemical and Biological FungicidesMarch1997
PC97OSmithChemical Safety: What You Can Mix and What You Can’tMarch1997
PC97PSeamanThermosyphon Oil Cooling Demonstration ProjectMarch1997
PC97QBlackOperation and Energy Benefits of Computerized Control SystemsMarch1997
PC97RGrayWarehouse Electrical SystemsMarch1997
PC97SJourdanProcess Safety Management: Compliance of Refrigeration PlantsMarch1997
PC97TInghamEnergy Savings Associated with Computer Control of RefrigerationMarch1997
PC97UWilcoxImproving Aging Refrigeration Systems in the Fruit IndustryMarch1997
PC98AEwartThe Food Quality Protection Act of 1996March1998
PC98AAMcLaughlinPotential Areas of Research for Modification of the Fresh Fruit Packing General PermitMarch1998
PC98BSomerenModern Labor RealitiesMarch1998
PC98CKukulanWorldwide Market Potential and Technical Barriers for the Export of Stone FruitMarch1998
PC98DSkeltonThe “Partners in Quality” ProgramMarch1998
PC98EHellicksonChanges in Pear CA Storage Rooms as Influenced by Evaporator Fan OperationMarch1998
PC98FStaplesEvaporator Fan VSD’s: Fruit Quality ConsiderationsMarch1998
PC98GWilcoxThe Evaporator Fan VFD InitiativeMarch1998
PC98HHoustonAmmonia Leak Detection in CA StorageMarch1998
PC98IGriffinEvaluation of Ammonia Sensors for Controlled-Atmosphere (CA) ApplicationsMarch1998
PC98JDrakeElevated Carbon Dioxide Storage of Loose Packed ‘Bosc’ PearsMarch1998
PC98KThompsonEffects of RetainTM on ‘Delicious’ Apple Maturity and StorabilityMarch1998
PC98LPrangeDetermination of Maturity for Long-Term Storage of ApplesMarch1998
PC98MCurryEthylene in Fruit PhysiologyMarch1998
PC98NMattheisMaximizing Postharvest Quality of Gala and Fuji ApplesMarch1998
PC98OWaliserConcorde Pear and CameoTM AppleMarch1998
PC98PCurryPhysiology of Braeburn Maturity and Disorders: A DiscussionMarch1998
PC98QDoorninkWashington Tree Fruit Research Commission’s Postharvest ProjectsMarch1998
PC98RSandersonFungicidal Drenches for Control of Postharvest Decay in Pome FruitMarch1998
PC98SSholbergPostharvest Strategies that Reduce Risk of Pome Fruit DecayMarch1998
PC98TMcPheeField Management of Postharvest RotsMarch1998
PC98UMcEvoyHandling Organic FruitMarch1998
PC98VWillettA Brief Summary of Some Package Labeling IssuesMarch1998
PC98WPrangeBruising Reduction: Effect Of Storage Humidity and Post-Storage Handling on Compression Bruising of CA Stored ApplesMarch1998
PC98XHanfordReducing Emissions from ForkliftsMarch1998
PC98YHuberThe Fresh Fruit Packing General Wastewater Discharge Permit: Compliance Trends and Permit Re-IssuanceMarch1998
PC98ZMrachekWastewater Sampling TechniquesMarch1998
PC99ACurryDelicious Quality Can Be Affected by Ethephon or ReTainTMMarch1999
PC99BDrakeShort-Term Controlled Atmosphere Storage of ApplesMarch1999
PC99CThompsonDelicious Harvest Maturity and StorageMarch1999
REP2001ARitenourSanitizers for Citrus Packinghouse Recirculated Water SystemsAugust2001
REP2002AChenPre-Conditioning of D’Anjou Pears in Transit During Early Marketing SeasonJune2002
REP2002BSmithA Brief Handout to Aid in the Identification and Control of Common Postharvest Diseases of Apples and PearsSeptember 1996 
REP2002CKetchieEffect of Winter Damaged Spurs on the 1986 Apple CropAugust1986
REP2002DSwindemanFruit Packing and Storage Loss Prevention GuidelinesDecember 2002
REP2003AKolattukudyNatural Waxes on FruitsMarch2003
REP2003BCurryFactors Associated with Apple Lenticel BreakdownApril2003
REP2007ARitenourRed Color Development of Apple: A Literature ReviewJune2007
REP2009ASilsbyCA Storage SafetyAugust2009
REP2009BSugarRe-Thinking the Chill Requirement for Pear RipeningDecember 2009
REP2010ABeaudryA summary of ‘Honeycrisp’ storage recommendations across North America: What is best for Michigan?December 2009 
REP2010B-SpanishPrietoLa Desinfeccion de las Cajas PaletJanuary 2011
REP2010CCalvoAntioxidant Use In Apple And Pear Storage Part 1 – Regulatory SituationOctober 2010
REP2010DCalvoAntioxidant Use In Apple And Pear Storage Part 2 – Alternatives to AntioxidantsOctober 2010
REP2010ECalvoAntioxidant Use In Apple And Pear Storage Part 3 – Storage Scald and 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP)October 2010
REP2011AYuriPartiduras En CerezasJanuary 2011
RP2000AGurnseyImproving Apple ColorDecember 1999
W99A01KupfermanNotes on the Relationship of Internal Browning and Titratrable Acidity in Fuji ApplesOctober 1999
W99A02SandersonEffect of Paper Wraps on Postharvest Decay and Disorders of Anjou Pear Fruit, 1997October 1999
W99A03McPheeProper Management of Your DPA Program Can Save You Money and Headaches!October 1999
Aniline BlueCurryPredicting Susceptibility of ‘Gala’ Apples to Lenticel Breakdown Disorder: Guidelines for Using the Dye Uptake TestAugust2004
EM9001SpottsPredicting and managing gray mold rot of pear in OregonJanuary 2010
Market DiseasesUSDAMarket Diseases of Apples, Pears and QuincesMay1971
Market DiseasesUSDAMarket Diseases of Apples, Pears and QuincesMay1971