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Life in Wenatchee

Washington State University’s Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center is in the Wenatchee Valley in WA.  The research center has a vibrant research community, with 13 faculty members, and a number of postdocs and graduate students associated with those programs. The Wenatchee valley is in the rain shadow of the Cascade mountains, so we get runoff from the mountains, but enjoy a great deal of sunshine. Seattle is only a 2.5 hour drive away, but we don’t get the Seattle traffic or rain. In addition to being known for producing tree fruits, Wenatchee is known for its skiing at Mission Ridge (only 30 minutes from town), hiking, mountain biking, water activities on the Columbia and Wenatchee rivers, and many other outdoor activities. Leavenworth is also nearby and offers a unique Bavarian experience, with many outdoor and festive activities, especially in the Holiday season. Below are some pictures of the area.

The Wenatchee valley during the Balsamroot peak. Photo by Chris Strohm

Mountains at a ski resort
The view from the top of Mission Ridge, a ski resort 12 miles from Wenatchee. Photo by Tobin Northfield

Mountain biking trail with blooming flowers
One of the many mountain biking trails in the region. The town of Wenatchee and Columbia River lies in the distance. Photo by Louie Nottingham

Tractor and airblast sprayer at the WSU research station
Micaiah, our youngest lab member, evaluating a tractor after some kaolin clay (clay that protects pear trees from psylla) treatments at the WSU TFREC. Photo by Tobin Northfield

Nordic Ski trails in Leavenworth
Nordic Ski trails in Leavenworth. Photo by Chris Strohm

Pear orchards on the Columbia river
The view from an orchard just north of Wenatchee, along the Columbia river

Life in an orchard is pretty rough! Photo by Louie Nottingham