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TFREC Legacy Websites

About TFREC Legacy Websites

Many old TFREC websites (legacy) were recently retired. This was due to a combination of needing to terminate an old server and attempting to remove/update/relocate old content. Much of that old content was updated and can be found in a different format on the WSU Tree Fruit Website. Some items will be hosted here as PDF archives. Unfortunately, some old content had to be completely retired. We felt that it was best to remove some information that was no longer relevant or accurate and currently had no associated subject expert to update the information. It was better to remove content rather than risk giving out erroneous information. If you have questions about content that is no longer present, feel free to contact the appropriate research program expert listed on the

Discontinued Websites

Content from some websites, or portions of a site, were updated and incorporated into newer websites or relocated. If a site fell into that category you will see an entry under “Relocated”. If the pdf assets from a site were saved you will see an entry under PDF Archive. If a website has not found a new home for its content, the columns will be left blank. Note: some of the older postharvest website content may be revised and incorporated into the WSU Tree Fruit website.

Legacy Website PDF Archive Relocated
Crop Protection Guide new site
Cullage Assessment & Education Program new site
TFREC Entomology see Programs
Evapotranspiration Predictor  –
Field Guide to Experimental Designs *
Market Diseases of Apples, Pears & Quince  *  –
Orchard Pest Management new site
Organinc & Integrated new site
Peshastin Creek/Areawide Projects
Pest Management Transition Project   this site   –
Postharvest Information Network  *  –
Postharvest Pathology new site
Soils & Nutrition new site
Tree Fruit Economics new site

* Some content available upon request; Some material may be reposted in the future.