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Phone Directory

We recently upgraded our phone system. The tables below list the person’s name with both their old extension and new direct-dial office phone numbers. The main front desk number has also changed. That number is now (509) 293-8800. The older front desk number will be forwarding calls to the new number. However, you will not be able to reach people via their old extensions. Once your call goes to the new front desk number you will be directed through a series of voice prompts to reach your party. To make things simpler for you, please use your party’s new number as shown below.┬áRemember that all numbers would require 509 if calling from outside the Center unless otherwise noted.
Because our phones are now being routed through the main campus phone system in Pullman, you will need to call TFREC as if it were a long distance call. Other WSU sites calling into TFREC would dial 293-8XXX (the 7-digit number without 509) to reach their party.


Name Number
Achour Amiri 293-8752
Elizabeth Beers 293-8755
Tianna DuPont 293-8758
Kate Evans 293-8760
David Granastein (emeritis) 293-8762
Lee Kalcsits 293-8764
Chad Kruger 293-8804
Stefano Musacchi 293-8787
Tobin Northfield 293-8789
Louis Nottingham 293-8756
Marcy Ostrom 293-8799
Sara Serra 293-8769
Carolina Torres 293-8808


Administrative Staff

Name Number
Chag Kruger (TFREC Director; CSANR) 293-8804
Front Desk 293-8800
Darla Ewald (Office Mgr., HR) 293-8802
Megan Welker (Travel, Purchasing, etc) 293-8801

Facilities Staff

Name Number
Cameron Burt (Farm Mgr.) 720-360-8805
Micah Cawdery 293-8794
Evan Mendonca 293-8796
Jerry Moreland (Fac. Mgr.) 293-8784
Trish Mulvaney 293-8795

Post-doctoral Researchers

Name Number
Dylan Beal 293-8800
Katlyn Catron 293-8777
Rob Curtiss 293-8800
Mustafa Jibrin 293-8800
Adrian Marshall 293-8777
Chris McCullough 293-8777
Misbah Munir 293-8759
Rene Mogollon 293-8766
Robert Orpet 293-8777
Soon Li Teh 293-8768
Jingi Yoo 293-8809

Research/Extension Staff

Name Number
Stefano Borghi 293-8774
Lisa Brutcher 293-8790
Kai Carter 293-8770
Zachary Chapman 293-8783
Oswaldo Gonzalez-Garcia 293-8814
Sonia Hall 293-8797
Chris Hedges 293-8813
Tawnee Melton 293-8772
Chris Sater 293-8754
Bonnie Schonberg 293-8791
Ryan Sheick 293-8788
Zachary Sielaff 293-8779
Peter Smytheman 293-8757
Prashant Swamy 293-8750
Keith van den Broek 293-8814

Graduate Students

Name Number
India Cain 293-8810
Erica Casagrande-Biasuz 293-8810
Abby Clarke 293-8778
Marcella Galeni 293-8810
Alexander Haase 293-8810
Manoella Mendoza 293-8800
Jonathan Puglisi 293-8750
Cesar Reyes Corral 293-8777
Jeremy Roberts 293-8777
Emma Steele 293-8810
Noah Willsea 293-8763
Zara York 293-8810