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Workday Training Guide

A guide on how to access the training portal and catalog for Workday training.

Workday Terminology Crosswalk

A tool to associate frequently used terms and concepts to what they will be called in Workday.

Workday for Faculty

A guide for faculty on what you should know, trainings, handouts, and videos as they pertain to Workday.

Information Resources

Visit the Modernization initiative website for the most up to date information on the NEW and IMPROVED Workday system that WSU will be implementing December 16, 2020 for payroll and personnel, January 1, 2021 for financials. The most asked question is, “what systems will be impacted and how will this affect me.” This information is best found on the Impacted Systems section of the Modernization website here.

For local support and information, contact Darla Ewald at or ext 8802, as TFREC’s Super User.

Workday Orientation Sessions

November 10:

November 13:

November 20:

December 4:

December 11:

The “Top 5” Changes in Workday

Opportunities to get involved or find information:

Post launch updates can be found on the admin monthly updates distributed at the faculty meeting.

Pre launch updates:



  • Launch checklist #2 was published for financial initiators and approvers.
  • Financial data/balances will beginning loading January 6th and continue through January.
  • New look to your earnings statement (now known as pay slip).


  • Launch Checklist #1 was released to help guide employees through the essential tasks related to the December 16 HRS and payroll launch.
  • Still need training? More recorded sessions have been uploaded to the training site, Skillport. See the training guide on this page for instructions on how to access it or follow this link from the Modernization website.
  • The Modernization website has been updated to provide a one-stop shop for essential resources.




  • Training catalog (directory of available trainings) and knowledge base (FAQs and how to guides) are available for Workday. Please begin familiarizing yourself with the format of each.
  • Employee Readiness Checklist – a MUST!
  • Endowments Top 5 added to the change list.


  • Training will begin in October. Take some time to review the terminology crosswalk and glossary (Learn and Prepare > Resources) to better prepare (Learn and Prepare > Training)


  • Workday Mobile – One of the most exciting features of the new Workday system is the mobile app that will be available as an option for employees and managers. The attached flyers will give you some insight into how this new app can work for you:


  • Grants Roadshow videos of Workday demonstrations.
  • User Acceptance Testing begins second week of August 2020 through early September. Darla Ewald is TFREC’s Super User and will be participating in this testing.


  • How to prepare for training in October
    • Set up multi-factor authentication through Okta
    • Know your Skillsoft learning account
    • View Workday Knowledge Base
    • Communicate with supervisor/coworkers
    • Review glossary and terminology crosswalk
  • State income tax withholding will NOT be available until calendar year 2022.


  • Top 5 Changes to Reporting
  • User Acceptance Training to begin next month
  • Cutover: The transition from the old systems to Workday will occur in careful steps. It will take place during fall and winter 2020 in preparetion for official switch in January 2021.
  • Watch for communication from TFREC admin for what you may need to do during this transition period.




  • Implementation of Workday has been postponed to January 1, 2021.
  • This is a good thing. There will be more time for testing and training. The switch over will occur during a normal reduced operations timeframe.
  • Check out the new project timeline and FAQs about the postponement here.


  • ALL employees should participate in the Readiness Poll; only takes 7 minutes; open until March 20, 2020.
  • Faculty can check out how they will be impacted in the Modernization blog.


  • Check out the foundation data model (FDM) video and website for an overview about how Workday will manage transactions and reporting at WSU.
  • Worktags are what Workday uses to describe common attributes to transactions. Instead of entering an accounting code string, users will choose a worktag to describe the transaction’s business purpose. See handout Worktags at a Glance for more information.


  • Testing of the Workday system starts this month. If you want to learn more about what that means, check out this website.


  • Employee Self-Service video (ESS) – for employees to initiate tasks that pertain to their worker status.
  • Manager Self-Service video (MSS) – provides supervisors with job, position and pay related information for their direct reports as well as access to numerous built-in reports.


  • Prototype 2 Preview
  • Updated and new demonstration of business processes with WSU data. If you missed this preview, you can watch the video here.


  • Meet Modernization Team members, hear updates about the project, and get your questions answered at open forums this October and November. Visit the Modernization calendar for dates and details. All are welcome; no RSVP required.
  • Want to see how activities like checking your pay stub and tracking work time may change when we adopt the new system in July 2020? Attend the Prototype 2 Preview event October 29 from 10:00 am to 3:0pm in the CUB Auditorium (Pullman campus) or via Zoom (Mtg ID 657 383 164) to learn more about the software to come for finance, payroll, human resources, and post-award grants administration. Check the website for a detailed schedule.
    Contact with any questions.


  • Prototype 1 is here, and your feedback is requested.
  • Learn more about what’s next, check out new resources on the website for answers to your questions, watch recordings of the event that took place on July 24, and provide feedback on Prototype 1. (NOTE: Some websites require you to log in with your WSU network ID and password.)


  • Want to see Workday in action?
    On July 24, 2019, Modernization will host a Workday Prototype Preview event, where the first configuration of Workday at WSU will be revealed. The event will feature demonstrations of proposed business processes from HCM, finance, payroll, and grants administration. All sessions are open to all faculty and staff and will be available via livestream to those attending remotely.
  • Livestream details, session location and time, and a schedule of demonstrations are forthcoming.


  • As we enter summer, the Modernization Initiative is wrapping up Design Sessions (42 total) for the Workday Implementation project. Design sessions have helped the Modernization Team outline how workflows will operate in the first prototype of Workday for WSU. Fifteen of the design sessions related directly to human resources, and ranged from recruiting to retirement. To guide future communication and training activities, The Change Management Team documented potential changes and impacts shared during sessions.
  • The Modernization Team also visited the WSU Everett, WSU Spokane, WSU Tri-Cities and WSU Vancouver campuses to share project updates, describe progress in functional areas, and to hear questions and feedback. The team will be back at all campuses this June and July. Please visit the online calendar for more details. If you have any questions about the Modernization Initiative or would like to get involved, please visit the Modernization Initiative website or contact the Modernization Team (
  • Check out the Modernization Initiative website and view the YouTube video for the 2/1/19 kickoff event here.