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SRO Lease

Washington State University is exploring a new lease option for the portions of the Sunrise Research Orchard that are not being used for research. This was historically in commercial tree fruit production, but the trees were removed in 2020 due to market conditions. Ultimately, a new high-density orchard planting is most desirable, but we would also consider an annual crop or forage production lease or a mixed lease in the near term on+/- 60 acres. There are 3 fields in total separated by a county road. The sizes of the fields are 15 acres, 25 acres, and 20 acres. Mostly level terrain. One block has a mainline down the middle and two have it running along the side. Power is located along the side.

Lessee would be required to prepare the site and plant, including installation of irrigation delivery system within blocks. Water is 4.5 acre feet with 2000 gmp flow rate. Pumps have variable frequency drives (vfd’s). Lessee is required to work with WSU orchard manager to share water between lease blocks and research orchard. All farming practices are to be done by lessee. Livestock is a possibility as well, but would require fencing. Lease terms would be designed to ensure lessee recovery of investment costs.

The orchard is approximately 15 miles south of Wenatchee, WA on HW 28.


Responses are due September 1, by 5:00pm. For details about this lease opportunity and instructions for proposal submission, please refer to this document.