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Jingi Yoo, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher

Jingi finished up a Post Doc at Kyungpook National University investigating the development of storage physiological characteristics and storability enhancement technology for Korean new breeding apples.  He received his PhD in 2019 from the Kyungpook National University where he focused on effects of 1-methylcyclopropene treatment on biochemical and genetic alterations of fruit quality during cold storage in Korean new apple cultivars.


Rene Mogollon, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher

Renee Mogollon is an Agricultural Engineer from the National University of Columbia.  In 2015 he started his PhD studies on agricultural science at the Catholic University of Chile, where he focused on math modeling for predicting and detecting internal browning, watercore, and bitter pit in apples using non-destructive Vis-NIR techniques.  Rene will be working on the detection of sunscald in apples using Hyperspectral image analysis.

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Manoella Mendoza, PhD Student

Manoella was born in Itabuna, Bahia, but grew up in Una, Bahia, on the beautiful Northeast side of Brazil, close to the coast and to the Atlantic Rainforest. Mano has a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness Management from Viçosa Federal University (Brazil) and a master’s degree in Agriculture Food Science and Management from WSU. Mano joined the postharvest systems lab in pursuit of her PhD focused on the detection of sun scald in apples using Hyperspectral image analysis. Manoella is also employed by the WA Tree Fruit Research Commission as a Research Operations Manager.

Manoella Mendoza LinkedIn Profile:


Marcella Galeni, MS Student

Marcella comes from Brazil. She received a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy from the Federal University of Lavras in Brazil. She has held two internships, the first in a farm located in Apple Valley, Minnesota, focusing on flower and vegetable production and the second at the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission in Yakima, Washington where she was involved in many pre and postharvest projects. Marcella joined the postharvest systems laboratory in January 2020 as a master’s student. Her research project will focus on postharvest systems optimization for organic apple storage.

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Chris Hedges, Extension ITT Coordinator Specialist

Chris is a native of Wenatchee and has worked in the tree fruit industry for the last 10 years. Most recently Chris worked at EnzaFruit Products Inc. and before that he was employed at AgroFresh. Both positions included working directly with producers and packers on applied research and demonstration activities. Chris is based at WSU Wenatchee but will work everywhere that tree fruit is produced and packed in Washington State. The position is funded through the WSU Tree Fruit Endowment.

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