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Wendy Jones, M.S.

Associate in Research

WSU Tree Fruit Extension
Communications & Web Manager
Export Training Coordinator

Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center
1100 N Western Ave. Wenatchee, WA
Phone: 509-293-8780
Fax: 509-663-8714

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Research/Professional Activities

  • WSU Tree Fruit website manager;
  • Social media & communications
  • Digital Outreach: web design and content development;
  • Outreach training workshops: produce, edit and assist with content development;
  • Online education/training development;
  • Photography, videography and associated digital editing;
  • Identification of postharvest insect damage and physiological disorders that appear during and after storage of apples;
  • Export certification training: Mx/BC stone fruit & Taiwan/China apple;


  • High School: Redlands SHS, Redlands, CA. (diploma)
  • University of California at Riverside, CA (B.S. Biology)
  • Utah State University, Logan, UT (Post-Baccalaureate Studies)
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI (Post-Baccalaureate Studies)
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI (M.S. Horticulture) Thesis title:
    “Determination of Nuclear DNA Content in Orchids by Flow Cytometry


  • Website design & development
  • Publication design & development
  • Insect pest management support
  • Export-Quarantine pest education
  • Postharvest insect damage identification
  • Orchard natural enemy identification

 Annual Industry Training

Taiwan Systems Approach Work Plan: Orchard Codling Moth Sampling Training.  Summers (August-September). Various locations within WA.

Taiwan Systems Approach Work Plan: Packinghouse cull cutting technician certification. Summers (August-September). Check training schedule here.

Exportation of Apples to the People’s Republic of China: Overview of export work plan requirements and sampling techniques.  Check training schedule here.

Oriental Fruit Moth Inspector Training.  @ mid-May annually, Wenatchee & Yakima, WA. Check training schedule here.

Publications & Factsheets

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